About Me - Expressions By Nadeem Sufi

Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready to have somone click the shutter.” ― Ansel Adams

I have been an admirer of nature, way before I became a physician. I used to buy or borrow photo magazines in my young life, to go to places which existed only in my imagination. Glaciers? Northern Lights? Lions? Leopards? Cheetahs? All of these, and more, were in a world I thought did not exist!

Grabbing a camera 15 years ago helped me with a vision that I never realized I had. It made me see things in ways not too many people see. That is when I fell in love with photography. To see a landscape at dawn, and then at noon, and at sun down, made me realize how diverse and different things can be at different times. A full flower image, and then a macro of it let me know there is a world hidden in another world, and perhaps beyond! A stream at fast shutter versus slow shutter reveals the beauty of the movement.

My goal is to experience the wonders of nature as much as I can and as fast as possible.

I hope to capture things that others would look at, and realize what a beautiful planet we have here.

I hope to evoke the emotion in others, that I feel myself, when I see that "sunset", or the "wild life" or the wonders of northern lights, when my heart goes "WOW"!

Photography has become more than a serious hobby to me.

 Thanks for looking at my website.

Nadeem Sufi

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